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Port Elizabeth Running -- South African half marathon champs in Summerstrand -- 24 JUNE 2017.

Addo Elephant Park and wildlife Safari.  Guided tours of Port Elizabeth; City Tours; Township Tours; Garden Route adventures.
Peter Giddy is a Certified Guide.  His experience and local knowledge is your passport to an adventure holiday in South Africa.
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Maria at the start.  It is cold and we have long sleeve jackets / jerseys
 The elite athletes are in the front.  Ladies to the Left as we line up under the start banner.
Kenny; Peter and Percy at the start.
This event is for some of the elite athletes of South Africa and further afield. There is a huge prestige to competing in this event -- particularly for the top athletes.  There is also good prize money to be won. 
I was not going to be able to take part as I had volunteered to marshal with the Achilles team on the 5kay event.  However on Friday I had learned from Nick that he had sufficient marshals and that I would be able to run.
Not that it made that much difference.  Just that I had not pre entered the event. 
So on Saturday morning I pick up Maria and we get to Summerstrand livesaving clubhouse at just after 7.00am.  I register  and then Maria and I do about a 2kay warm up. 
 Daniel is doing seconding for Clarendon Park -- For Clarries Cares.
 Lynne Woods on the run near to Kings Beach
 Maria with just a few kays to go.
 Kenny Barwood is running strong.  Here he has about 2km to go and will finish well under 2 hours
Allan Verryne on the final loop with just a few km to go.
This morning is cold.  I have an old long sleeve t shirt that barely keeps out the chill. My hands in particular are cold.  We see Neil Bissiker and Alec Riddle at the start giving commentary.  Then we line up at the start.  Ladies to one side so I lose sight of Maria. I am with Ken Barwood and Percy Dalton at the start.  All the elite and provincial athletes are in the front. 

The start is at 8;00am and in Marine Drive in front of the Retief Plein.  We head in an westerly direction.  This morning is a bright sunshine day.  There is a chilly breeze from the west but I soon begin to heat up and take off my t shirt.  Running towards Mc Arthur Baths and then at Kings Beach we do a U turn and start back the long haul up past the start area and on towards the Golf Course.  On the road Marshalling we pass Chris; Elmarie and Ronel at Mc Donalds and then Gerald and Pat a bit further on.

Support along the way is great.  John Durant; Ken and Linda; Kathleen; and others shouting encouragement.  There are not a large number of Achilles runners.  But we shout out encouragement as we run. 
With an out and back / circular route like this one you are able to see who is ahead and who is behind you.  So at the Golf course we do a U turn and begin the run back towards the start area and then on towards Kings Beach.  Just after we turn at Flat Rock we see the leaders of the run hurtling towards us.  I try to pick up my pace a fraction -- I don't want to be overtaken by the leaders who will finish in just under 62 minutes while I still have another whole loop to do. 
 Allan Verryne is about a kay ahead of me on the final loop
Allan comments as follows:  Gave it horns today. Elaine did her first sub 3 hour.  Third in age and won R1000.  Allan did 1.56
 Chris; Robin and Maria.... All finished a good half marathon this morning.
 Chris and Robin have become good running partners to Maria at these races.
Maria and Peter looking pretty bedraggled and tired
I pass the start / finish area just ahead of the race leaders and continue back to Kings Beach where we again have to U turn, Back along Marine Drive all over again -- Past the start finish area and on to the Golf Course.  As we turn for the last time we have about 2.5km to go. See Erica coming towards me.  She is running just about everything. I seem to see her at every event.  I first met Erica a few years ago when I was marshalling this event. A windy day.  She is the mom of a friend of Ally and we got to chatting as I cycled a few kays with her at the end of the event.  I realise that I have wasted some time taking pics and so will not finish under 2 hours.  But nevertheless I press on as hard as I can.  I pass Tracey in the final Km and finish in 2.02.

I see Maria; Chris and Robin -- They have become firm running partners in the past 6 months.  Chris and Maria finish in 1.55 while Robin is a few minutes behind them. 
My calves begin to seize up.  I am really tired after this event.  Achilles has a compulsory photo session with as many of us as they can round up.  And then Maria and I hobble back to the car parked behind Pick 'n Pay.
 The Achilles team members who we were able to round up.  Some had left and others we simply could not find. 
In this pic:  Peter; Maria Benito; Liz Austin; Andre; Liz; Tremaine Wesson; Bev Barends; Gail Klockowitz; Robin Coyle Downing; Leslie Maggot.
Missing -- Kenny Barwood; Michael Botha; Graham Nel;
 Maria at the start wearing long sleeves.  She handed the jacket to Pat a short while after this.
 I am still looking chirpy.  Must be the first round as I had to force the pace on the second loop.
 Maria and Chris are encouraged by Chris Botha -- Chris tells me later that he loved this moment as she "high fived" him.
Maria at the Mc Donalds waving to Ronel who takes this pick.
After I drop Maria at home, I take off my running stuff and dress as warmly as I can.  I cannot stop shivering.  I take some Re Hydrate but still my tummy is sore and I am shivering.  I have a hot shower and dress again but continue to feel miserable.  It seems worse than when I finished a long distance event. 
So finally I succumb to my need for a rest and get under the blankets and have an hour sleep.  This does the trick to a certain extent and I am able to make some breakfast and begin to recover.

Later this afternoon I am at rugby at Grey with Joshua and Daniel.  Grey 43; Daniel Pienaar 25.  Then Barbara and I spend the evening with Chris; Elmarie and Ronel watching the last of three Rugby matches where the Springbok team wins.

Some results of the 21kay.

336 251 1004 KATHERINE VAN DER WALT BODY CONCEPT F 41 40-44F 1.36.50370 484 1152 ANCHE SCHUBART ACHILLES AAA F 35 35-39F 1.39.23409 1477 1477 DAVID GLOVER TEMP M 35 35-39M 1.41.28541 1012 9012 ADRIAN MEISTRE TEMP M 45 45-49M 1.51.03558 1159 1148 PERCY DALTON ACHILLES AAA M 68 65-69M 1.52.12601 631 9073 MARIA BENITO TEMP F 44 40-44F 1.55.02602 1257 1144 KEN BARWOOD ACHILLES AAA M 62 60-64M 1.55.03630 610 724 ALLAN VERREYNNE CRUSADERS AC M 70 70+M 1.56.55651 1445 1147 LIZ PRINS ACHILLES AAA F 47 45-49F 1.58.13674 1297 1090 SUSANN CHAPMAN ACHILLES AAA F 41 40-44F 1.59.23683 1318 1318 MICHELLE ELFICK TEMP F 46 45-49F 1.59.51688 701 8 KOBUS GERBER PEAAC M 73 70+M 2.00.11710 1165 1112 ROBIN COYLE-DOWLING ACHILLES AAA M 51 50-54M 2.01.55715 1321 1116 PETER GIDDY ACHILLES AAA M 66 65-69M 2.02.15720 1137 9137 TRACEY CROMMELIN TEMP F 37 35-39F 2.02.37768 1380 1151 LIZ AUSTIN ACHILLES AAA F 58 55-59F 2.07.56788 720 9129 TINKY HODGSON TEMP F 51 50-54F 2.08.59822 1088 1652 KELLY-RAE MORTIMER MADIBA BW F 35 35-39F 2.10.29834 1331 1331 SHANNON BRADFORD TEMP F 20 SF 2.11.13842 410 1938 SONJA OLIVIER BLUEWATER BAY F 49 45-49F 2.11.47847 1274 1119 TREMAINE WESSON ACHILLES AAA M 56 55-59M 2.12.03850 1138 2376 HELEN JOHN MADIBAZ AC F 43 40-44F 2.12.07879 473 734 MIKE BURGER CRUSADERS AC M 63 60-64M 2.13.51919 527 1571 DORIS GERBER NEDBANK RC F 46 45-49F 2.18.33962 644 705 OCTAVIA BOSHOFF CRUSADERS AC F 47 45-49F 2.24.30979 785 855 TRACY MENTZEL CHARLO AC F 54 50-54F 2.27.161002 1239 1135 MOF BOTHA ACHILLES AAA M 61 60-64M 2.30.461023 565 9565 BRIGGETTA MEY TEMP F 40 40-44F 2.34.311024 617 1686 CHERYL WITTE MADIBA BW F 55 55-59F 2.34.381044 812 1139 GRAHAM NELL ACHILLES AAA M 66 65-69M 2.37.591069 1149 1960 ERICA ERASMUS BLUEWATER BAY F 47 45-49F 2.41.56

H6 305 1017 ECKART SCHUMANN BODY CONCEPT M 71 70+M 2.04.06 2 0

H7 306 1186 LINDA HARWOOD ACHILLES AAA F 49 45-49F 2.11.58 1 0

H8 307 1118 RODNEY MAGGOTT ACHILLES AAA M 59 55-59M 2.19.11

1118 611 727 ELAINE VERREYNNE CRUSADERS AC F 71 70+F 2.57.37

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Things to do in Port Elizabeth -- Peter Giddy Guided Tours and hiking trails. -- Nanaga Hiking trail. JUNE 2017

Peter Giddy is a Registered and experienced Tour guide.  He will take you on Safari to Addo and other reserves; or trail walking;  He loves to show the History and City of Port Elizabeth as well as Townships.  Airport; Wildlife reserve and Hotel Transfers; Addo Elephant wildlife reserve; Kragga Kamma for Rhino, Giraffe and cheetah.  Peter specialises in Garden Route adventures.
Contact Peter --


Today I was part of the Thursday hiking group.  Mostly retired people who love to be in the outdoors and enjoy the company of like minded people.
We met at the Nanaga Farm stall and then continued on the R75 towards Alexandria.  We take the farm road which leads to the Hike and Picnic area.
Here we split up into those who want to stay in the picnic area and prepare the Braai;  the second group is the Short Trail walkers and then the Long Trail Walkers.  Todays long trail was just 7 kay.  A really good trail with some hills but nothing excessive.
 On the R75, in winter, look out for the beautiful array of aloe
Thorneycroft  and Nanaga farm trust.
Once you turn off onto the dirt road it is still quite a way past the farm buildings and on towards the picnic area.
We leave the picnic area and immediately walk up the first hill.  At the top we make a left turn on a field.  From here you can look to the West where there are a bank of water tanks on the hill across the valley.  This is where we will be in an hour or so.

I walk with Allan who is also an ex comrades runner.  He ran his first comrades in 1968 -- In that year another friend of mine (Ekard Schumann) completed his first comrades -- Allan finished in position 331 of 438 in a time of 10.28.  Allan then did not run another Comrades for 14 years and it was in 1980 that he gave it another go.  He then ran three consecutive years 9.24; 8.55 and 9.20.  Total of four Comrades Medals. The first one (1968), at that time, was a Silver Medal.
Top of the first hill and we regroup.
 Old Farm buildings. Now completely disused except for birds and other animals
 We looked for the Barn Owl but only saw droppings
 Dave and I at the old farm buildings
 There are hills on this hike but nothing to write home about.

We walk up and down the hills.  There is a bit of a strong westerly blowing but as soon as we dip into one of the valleys we cannot feel the wind at all.  The temperature is chilly but nothing more than a thin jacket is required as the sun and walking warm us up. We come across a couple of Warthogs grazing in a valley.

I meet up with Rose who is the farmer on the land and who has allowed us to use the trails. Rose is family to the Newcombe family who arrived in the 1820's in the 24 ships which came to be known as the 1820 settlers and who were assisted by Sir Rufane Donkin to find suitable land and farming implements.  The Newcombe family first owned the area which is now part of the Heritage trail around the Donkin Memorial.  They bought the current farm in 1840 and have lived there for generations. 

We find some old buildings where there are reported to be barn owls.  Inside the building all we see are the droppings of the birds as well as various other remains and evidence of animals.  Andy says he saw the birds up in the branches of the Eucalyptus trees.

 We reach the top of the hill where there are four or five water tanks.
 looking across the bay in a Westerly Direction. On a clear day you should be able to see some of the features of Port Elizabeth.
 Water tanks that supply the farmlands and animals below.
 It is only the calves and Heifers that are kept on the farm.  The dairy cattle are taken across to an neighbouring farm where they are milked.
Does not seem like much but this is really quite a big herd.
I am enjoying the group and the walk and so am not at all weary when we reach the bank of water tanks.  Here we stop for a brief rest and snack. It should be a good stop from where you should be able to see across the bay to the beaches of Port Elizabeth..  But today it is overcast and the west wind is cold and not at all pleasant. 
We pass the herd of cattle and head downhill and back to the picnic area.
 Back at the picnic area where the fire is set and everyone seems to have a chair and table set out.
The Braai Area is really user friendly.  There is even a toilet nearby.
I have not brought the necessary for a braai so leave for home.  The west wind batters the car as I drive home and there is a slight drizzle which makes the drive even more miserable. 

Overall I enjoyed the morning and will do this again anytime.

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Guides in Port Elizabeth -- Peter Giddy Guided Tours -- SPRINGS HIKING TRAIL NEAR TO UITENHAGE -- JUNE 2017

Peter Giddy is an experienced hiker and guide.  Should you want an adventure or hike in the Port Elizabeth or Garden Route area -- Contact  or +27 82 550 3174
See reports on Trip Advisor -- Things to do in Port Elizabeth -- Tours -- Peter Giddy Guided Tours.


I have been slack in recent months when it comes to joining the Wednesday Hiking Group.  But this morning determined to do some walking, I phone Robin and arranged to meet at 7.45am. 
I had tried to run earlier this morning but had a bit of a sore ankle and knee so walked back home.

I have time for a quick breakfast of cereal and then pack my sling bag with fruit and water. I meet up with Robin and Dave and it turns out we are the only hikers so we leave at 8.00am for Uitenhage.  We are in Robins car and take the Uitenhage road past Despatch and then Uitenhage onto the R75.  The turn off to Springs camping ground is a few km after you leave Uitenhage.
Entrance to the Springs Camping ground where the trail begins
Drive on a tar road for about 2km after the turn off and through the gates into the camping / picnic area. There we meet the other Dave and start the hike.
The very first bit is neglected and overgrown with thorn bush.  Robin has a pair of garden cutters and he leads the way cutting away at the Needle bush and other branches that block our way.  It is not a long section but necessary to clear the path.  Next time we should all have some kind of shears and garden gloves to clear pathways.
Robin cutting away the thorny stuff to allow us to walk through
Interesting flowers and bushes on the path
Almost like an orchid in shape
Once through this narrow bush we turn right and begin the uphill.  It is not particularly steep nor is it long. After a short climb we have the view of the Springs Camping site below, Uitenhage in the background as well as being able to see the route that we will be taking for our hike this morning. The weather was quite chilly to start off but as soon as we begin our climb we start to warm up and I walk without a shirt for the rest of the hike.
plant often seen in the area of the Albany Thicket
Looking back across the valley and down towards the camp site
Robin; Dave and Dave taking a breather. 
We see all kinds of rock and flowers which make the hike quite special. At one time we hear the sound of a cows bell.  We find a small herd of cattle. The trail is a circular one and we soon reach the ridge which we walk along until we reach a couple of turns.  It is important to know where you are going or to have an experienced hiker with you as it is easy to become "lost" on the pathways.  We find the Tower which Robin instructs Dave and I that we "Have" to climb. The rungs of the ladder are loose and so you must be careful climbing it.  It would be easy to slip on a loose rung and so you must test each one and be holding firmly on the uprights at all times. 
Here we mentioned that we should bring a hammer and some long nails the next time we are there.
While the aloe display is not at its best, it is nevertheless quite beautiful to see the colours.
Dave; Dave and Robin -- taking a break as we reach the top of each hill.  The hills are not so tough but it is best to catch your breath and to stretch -- like Robin is doing.
I am at the top of this tower with Robin and Dave below.
The other Dave climbed up with me.  It is not a safe tower as the ladder rungs are loose and the boards are dried out and rickety.
From below the tower looks safe enough but caution should be exercised when climbing up
Robin and Dave contemplate the last bit of this mornings walk.
This point is the "official" stop for a snack.
From here it is an easy downhill all the way back to the camp.  The drive from Cape Road is not much more than 40 minutes.  The total distance of the Springs Trail that we did today is about 6km of rugged tracks and pathways.  It is not a well used trail and so the leader should be familiar with the trail. 

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Guided tours and Safaris.  Things to do in Port Elizabeth.  Peter will take you on Safari in Addo or for a gentle walk adventure for you to experience some of the outdoors in the Port Elizabeth area. Township and City tours; Garden Route adventures; Peter Giddy Guided Tours is for you.

JUNE 2017
Comrades Marathon 4th June
Horseback riding
Addo Elephant Park
Cycling and running
Fires in Sedgefield; Knysna; Robberg; Plett; Thornhill.
Schools; Hospital; Homes; Businesses and scores of fields are burnt to the ground.
Coordinated Arson
Nicky and Werner have been working hard to complete the Montreux Flat renovations.  New tiles; complete painting; new shelves; floors redone; bathroom looks spanking new; new hob and fitting of blinds.
10kay beach front race.  With Maria; Ronel; Pat; Robin; Chris; Graham Channon; Graham Nel; Gino Fabbri; Bruce; Sinzinzo; Anche;
Hiking the Springs Hiking Trail
Hiking the Nanaga Farm Trail
Susan Burri in Spain for international transplant games.  Runs the 5kay in 28 minutes.

Thursday 1st June.   Back and forth with Dole work.  Success in the end as I get documents off to Head Office. Evening rugby practice with Daniel as we cycle to Grey and he does some practising of his place kicking.
Mia plays hockey.  Today she is playing for her school Eversdal and she scores the only two goals for her team.  Makes me proud the hear Nicky talking about her successes
 Andrea goes zooming downhill on the golf course cycle track
Shara, Andrea and I cycle two rounds of the Golf Course Track. 
Friday 2nd.  Cycling with Shara and Andrea around the Golf Course.. Airport pick up and City tour with Edward Seto and family (Twin daughters - 22 -- Samantha and Sarah).
We start off at Pick'nPay where they purchase a huge amount of school supplies. We then visit the Airport Valley location and the Creche and soup kitchen there.  They donate the school supplies as well as cash donation. 
 Samantha and Sarah playing with the children of the Airport Valley Creche
Sarah; Edward and Samantha with some of the school supplies that they donated.
Again we go to Pick'nPay for more school supplies and then to Walmer Location where we find the HDC closed so go to John Maziza primary school.  Wonga is the principal and she allows us to take a look around the school  They donate school supplies to this school as well.
Samantha is not feeling well so we do a brief historical tour of the Donkin and city areas.  
Today I also managed to clear all outstanding Dole documents.
 Edward about to start his Heavenly Stables horse riding experience.  Edward is a professor at an University in Washington and has brought his two daughters to SA for a two week safari type holiday including Addo and KNP.
 Always smiling and cheerful is Sarah on her horse.  Sarah has recently completed her degree in Psychology.
Samanha.  Twin to Sarah;  it was Samantha (fondly know as Nia) who decided on this activity.
Saturday morning.  We run about 10k from Grey -- Neil; Maria; Chris; Mike; Lindi and Stefany. I have an Addo Safari and Heavenly stables horse riding with the family. We have a successful morning of Elephant viewing and more importantly "up close".  Stop off at Jacks for a picnic lunch and then make our way to Heavenly Stables for a Trail Ride with Kelsey.
 In Cape Town Nickys children are busy with a project.  Aaron. Zara and Chris painting.
and the outcome  with colours of the SA flag.
Meanwhile the Proteas Cricket team are in England to play in the World Champions ICC One Day internationals.  Today they play Sri Lanka and end with a comfortable win.
Made copies of Michaels dissertation at the University Library
Great day for a Recife cycle with Chris.
Chris and I cycle to Recife on this perfect June afternoon.  Not too warm, Just a slight chill in the air as the sea breeze comes from the east.
Sunday 4th --- Comrades Marathon. An up run.  It is now 30 years since I ran my first Comrades.  In 1987 I ran a 10 hour Comrades.  I was 36 years old. I had run my first Two Oceans earlier this year in 5.15 and completed my first ever standard Marathon in Four Hours.  I had joined Achilles in 1987 and had started running with the Mill Park Running Group in 1987.  In May 1987 I ran my first 21k in 96 minutes.
Today I watch the runners and am still able to identify with the struggle that they have as well as the places that are shown on TV.  The only person (who I know) I see is Gareth Jacobson, presently the deputy head at Clarendon Park.  Also on the run are Claire Breedske and Ingrid of MPRG. 
Monday 5th.  Running with the group -- Chris; Lindi; Stefany; Michelle; Maria and Adel. About 8km. Then sorting out documents for Jacqui at the University.  They need academic results to be able to apply to move to Australia. 
Then Cycling with Chris to Pati and Recife.  A perfect day for being out as we smell the sea with the gentle easterly breeze. 
Tuesday.  And early chilly morning cycle with Chris and Stefany to Recife.   My knee is giving me trouble and I am left behind a couple of times.
Meet with Sarah at New Mosaic.  Sort out the repair to the Bakkie Mirror; Some Dole stuff.  Ally is home and chilling.
Lene bought a Braai Drum so this evening we have our first braai in over four years.   I eat and drink too much. 
 Kitchen cupboards replaced with shelving.
 A really neat looking bathroom
 The Kitchen has a complete revamp and with a new stove is something to be proud of.
 Wardrobes upgraded and neat.
Bedroom repainted and floor shining.  Now Nicky is having Blinds fitted before finding a tenant.  Blinds will be a permanent fixture and prevents a shabby curtain which sometimes happens when you rent.
Meanwhile in Cape Town Nicky, Werner and friend Chris have been fixing up the Montreux flat.  Just a few touch ups to be done and then we are ready, after two months, to rent the flat again.
Pam (Biokineticist from Jhb; Andrea and Shara at the Kini Bay turn off.
Wednesday morning.  Cycling the Yellow Lines from Grassroof to Kini Bay.  There are many reports of gale force winds and bad weather coming to Cape Town and then PE.  Fortunately we are able to fit in a cycle this morning.  I am lucky to have a friend like Andrea who invites me to join her friends on these rides.
Daniel practicing his place and drop kicking at Grey.  He is continually improving as he is now able to convert about 50% of his attempts. 
In Cape Town storms hit the area; huge waves and strong winds batter the town.  Roofs are torn off and cars overturned.  And in Knysna the town burns; The hospital and a school is burnt as well as a number of homes destroyed in fires that are out of control in strong winds.
On Thursday morning, I think more in anticipation rather than due to actual poor weather, There is a chilly wind blowing but it is not icy cold. Only Mike; Chris; Lindi and myself from the slow group run.  And then it is just around Grey.  The fast group are a bit better supported with Kobus; John; Andy; Merissa; Natalie; Almarie (Birthday)
Friday -- Full day for me as I have a continuous flow of Admin Work as well as Shamwari Transfer. I receive a phone call to say I have won two tickets to a show on Saturday evening.

Saturday -- Barbara goes out to Thornhill to rescue animals and horses. Meanwhile the fires rage on threatening Hebron where Matthew and Delene are living. Their friend Ken locks himself in a room despite the threat of the buildings burning to the ground.  Barbara is in the thick of the fires and is unable to return to PE.

In the morning I have a bit of a scrappy run -- Chris; Mike; Marilyn; Annie; Adrienne; Liesl; Elmarie; Pat; Lindi; Ronel.  I feel that I have not worked up a real sweat in a couple of weeks. Elmarie Mc Ewan gives us a couple of Series to watch.
Morning sunrise with Elmarie and Stefany.  They are dressed for cold but it was really not that cold this morning.
After the run; Pat treats us to coffee and rusks. With Elmarie; Pat; Annie; Marilyn; Liesl; Ronel and Chris.
A magic morning at Hobie beach.
Barbara and others with horse boxes rescue horses and other animals from certain death as the flames engulf the surrounding farms at Woodridge.
Barbara; Delene and Matthew are trapped for hours before they are able to make a dash through smoke and flames for PE -- home and safety.
 The extent of the fires can be seen in this image.  This is near to the Van Stadens Bridge and Woodridge School.
 Barbara, Delene and Matthew were fortunate to have escaped
 Searing heat and meters high flames on the N2
The fires and smoke make driving on the N2 difficult and in some cases, impossible.
Barbara spends the day at Thornhill.  Rescuing horses and other animals; Delene and Matthew Hebron home is under threat as Woodridge school burns and then jumps across the N2 freeway and next to Hebron.  Barbara and the others are trapped.  They cannot go back towards Jeffreys bay; they cannot cross the van Stadens Bridge due to the fires; strong winds and flames meters high. They shelter under a bridge until late afternoon when they are finally able to make a dash through the choking smoke and flames towards PE and safety.
 When doing a Shamwari transfer it is important to know which lodge and the best option for the transfer. 
All is not as it seems with this sign which is at the main gate. Easgles Crag is not best accessed from the main gate.  Best to continue on the N2 pas the Amakhala entrance to the Kwantu turn off.
Today I am fetching from Longlee Manor which is right next to the main gate.
Sunday morning... I have a Shamwari to Airport Transfer while Barbara is back at Thornhill to assist Delene to clean up their home.  Smoke and ash invade homes after fires like this.  I bit later I also go there with some provisions but as important -- water.  For a while they have no water and no power.  They are called to the community hall to assist with people who have to be billeted in a hall and at Hebron.  But with no power they really do not know who is there and what is going on as evening sets.
 Trying to drive through the smoke was not easy and was dangerous
 Barbara takes bales of wire to farmers in need in the Van Stadens disaster area
In Cape Town Aaron and Zara display their artworks at a school exhibition.  Well done to both of them for their original and creative handiwork.
Barbara continues to support both animals and family who are battling to recover.  Fires flare up and there is a continuing smell of smoke and fire. 
Back home I keep myself busy with some Dole admin; helping Jacqui with University results & Ally buying a new phone.  I have taken a break from Running and Cycling this week. 
Thursday -- Township tour for New Mosaic with Troy and Monique.

Shannon Bradford.  A school friend of Ally from days at Clarendon.  She is now at Varsity College studying for a B Com. Shannon is running well and it was all that I could do to keep her in sight over the final kay.  57minutes.
Maria outpaces all of us.  Fortunately she has found running partners in Robin and Chris -- They finish in about 51 minutes. 
Saturday morning.  After a week of no running or cycling; I fetch Maria and we register for the 10k at Summerstrand Lifesaving; The race starts 7am so Maria and I do a 2k warm up before lining up at the start.  As usual we try to find a place near to the front of the bunch.  Walkers start first, Then the gun goes off for the runners and we charge down Marine Drive past the Raddison and on towards the Summerstrand Inn.  Past the old Flat Rocks and Golf course and then left towards Recife. 
The wind is a fairly strong westerly and is mainly behind us for the first half.  Chris; Robin and Maria go off as I am not able to maintain their pace. 
We turn just about where the Patti Turn off is and head back towards Summerstrand.  This out and back gives me an opportunity to see (and greet) runners who I recognise on the road.  Not many Achilleans this morning. The strong winds may have put people off. As we are running I don't find the wind much of an obstacle. It is there but I am able to maintain a pace of just over 5 minutes a kay.
Knocking off the kays as we follow the same route back.  Shannon Bradford comes past me and I try to stay with her.  Having someone to chase is always good for me as it keeps me focussed.
We run past the beacon and with one kay to go, Shannon picks up the pace.  And I run as hard as I am able to stay with her.  The last kay is along the promenade and I am able to keep her in sight so that I finish just behind Shannon.

218 450 3450 MARIA     52.07 BENITO TEMP F 44 40-44F 0.52.07 0
247 565 1112 ROBIN COYLE-DOWLING ACH M 51 50-54M 0.53.32 1
317 258 3258 SHANNON  56.39 BRADFORD TEMP F 20 SF 0.56.39 0
319 403 1116 PETER        56.45 GIDDY ACH M 66 65-69M 0.56.45 1
369 272 3272 PHILIP KARP TEMP M 21 SM 0.58.47 0
382 605 44 RONEL  59.16 SCHEEPERS PEAAC F 42 40-44F 0.59.16 1

At Bridge Street Brewery with Joshua; Daniel; Barbara; Ally; Jessica and Lene.
This afternoon the family goes to Bridge Street Brewery for a supper and to watch the Springbok Rugby team play France.  last weekend the Boks beat the French 37-14. 
Today the French start off the game with a quick try notching up 7 points.  Throughout the game both teams attack and the defence is excellent.  At one time the French are hovering around our try line for an extended period but the defence is so strong that they are unable to penetrate.  The tension is high even though we are leading.  By half time the score is 23-7 so it is a fairly comfortable lead.  Then in the second half it appears that neither teams are going to be able to score.  Finally in the last quarter both teams add points to the scoreboard and the game ends 38-15.  A fun evening with some excellent snacks of Calamari; Fried sweet potato chips; Chicken kebabs on a platter. 
Sunday morning City Tour with Christoff from Poland.  He is working at Royal Baking Powder in Dias road where his company has installed a Packaging Machine.
Monday morning run with -- Chris; Lindi; Maria; Ingrid; Stefany; Liesl; Nicky; Ursula; Michelle; Nicky; Joan; Joan; Lynne; Kobus; Andy; Michael; Johan; Claire; Almarie; Adele; Angela; Gaye; Susan;
Springs Hiking trail with Dave; Robin and Dave.
Daniel tackling practice -- Josh is in another team in the background.  Later they both do some kicking practice with coach van Zyl.
Wednesday.  21st .... I meet up with the Hiking Group.  It is just four of us who hike the Springs Hiking Trail near to Uitenhage.
Later I am watch Joshua and Daniel at Rugby Practice.  I meet the Kicking Coach and he gives them a bit of kicking coaching. 
Thursday. 22nd... Run with Chris; Mike; Stefany; Lindi.  Others running in the faster group were Andrea; Kelly; Michelle and Maria. 
Thursday hiking group at Nanaga Farm trails.
 We are 15 in the Long Walk group.  The long walk is just 7km and not at all tough; especially on this warm winters day.
I am with the Thursday Hiking group for a Nanaga Farm trail with Allan; Dave; Carol and 20 others. It is an easy 7kay walk along Jeep Tracks and pathways.  Wonderful views and history
Susan Burri in the News.  She is taking part in a tournament for Transplant athletes.

Saturday 24th June.  SA half marathon champs. 
I run the race in 2.02.  Afterwards I am pretty much shattered; limping; sore tummy; exhausted.  I should do more training.  I climb under the blankets for over an hour and wake up a lot chipper.
Running the SA Half Marathon Champs.  From Pollock Beach, to Kings Beach, Turn around and back to Pollock and then on to the Golf Course where we U turn and do the same route all over again.
I watch both Grey first and Second teams.  Both win their matches convincingly. Joshua; Daniel and I walk to Grey where we watch Grey play Daniel Pienaar (Uitenhage).  DP take the lead with two tries 10;0.  Then a bit later Grey score to take the lead 15;10.   I am sitting with Chris; Elmarie and Ronel.  Chris comments that DP have seen the last of being in front.  It turns out he is correct as the final score is 43;25 despite some last minute tries by both sides.  It is a cold afternoon as a freezing westerly breeze chills the air.  They leave before the final whistle to watch SA vs France at Rugby.  After the match I "invite" myself to join them. So Barbara and I spend the evening watching Rugy and Braaiing with Chris. A treat for us to spend time with wonderful, hospitable friends like these.
 We are at the beach before sunrise on this cold morning
 Chris is our catalyst for these morning rides. I only went as far as the Pine Lodge.  They went all the way to the Lighthouse.
Steff & Chris had a good workout this morning without me to hold them back.
Thursday 29th.  Run about 6kay in the early morning with Adrienne; Mike; Chris; Stefanie; Lindi. Then Chris fetches Stefanie and myself for a cycle on the beachfront.  We see both Pat and Elmarie on their morning run.  And Lyn Pask swims on this very chilly morning.
Then I have an interview with the Lilizela Awards Judges.  Funny because I first of all nominate myself (Nobody else will) and then I am notified that I have been shortlisted.  And I never even knew that there was a long list.  Judges: Nicole who was a runner with MPRG; Eddie who was there last year; Pinkie who is also someone who I have met in the industry before and I think it was LouAnne.  I also meet Cheryl who assisted me with the opening of facilities when the ships docked on Sundays and who is also a runner.
I have two interviews -- a separate one for Culture and then for Nature Guiding.  But the questions and basically my answers are much the same for each interview.
 Snack pack for my guests on the Township Tour
At Airport Valley.  With Birgit; Samina; Osaka and Christina
Thursay 29th.  Afternoon Township Tour with Christina; Osaka; Birgit and Samina from Language School.
 Susan trains with the Mill Park Running Group (MPRG) at 5am in the mornings.
She also uses the Hobie Beach Park Run as her weekly 5km time trial.
At these parkruns, Susan has been battling to run under 30 minutes for the 5km.
At the games in Spain:
Susan reports that she run 28 minutes for the 5km.
Susan writes as follows:
"My time for the road race was a National Record for transplant sports and a Personal Best for 5km since my transplant.  In Table Tennis we were in 2 groups, playing round robin.  I won three and lost 2.  An amazing experience."
Pic of Susan (middle).  Susan has completed 3 Comrades Marathons. And 21 Two Oceans Ultra Marathons.
Her son Emilio (left)
Fellow SA Athlete Donovan Wright (on the right hand side of the pic) Donovan has completed 8 Comrades Marathons between 1996 and 2003.  He has 2 gold medals and 6 silver at Comrades.  His best was in 2000 when he was placed 4th overall.
Susan plays Table Tennis in Spain.
Susan Burri is running overseas in the "Transplant international games" in a 5kay and does her best time at 28.10.  And plays Table Tennis where she wins two out of five games.

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