Thursday, July 12, 2018

Beach walk from Blue Horizon Bay to Van Stadens River Mouth -- July 2018 -- With Peter Giddy Guided Tours

Beach walk from Blue Horizon Bay to Van Stadens River Mouth -- 
Thursday 12th July 2018 --
With Peter Giddy Guided Tours

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Peter Giddy Guided Tours offers the following every Wednesday and Thursday.  This can be combined with a visit to one of the Wildlife Reserves that Port Elizabeth has to offer.

  • Hikes and Trails to experience first hand the beauty that surrounds this City. 
  • Addo Elephant Park
  • Kragga Kamma and other wild life reserves
  • City; Cultural; Historical  and Township tours of Port Elizabeth as well as the historical town of Grahamstown
  • Garden Route adventures from Tsitsikamma; Plettenberg Bay; Knysna and Hermanus and onwards to Cape Town. 

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Blue Horizon Bay to Van Stadens River Mouth.
A 2.5 hour walk along a beautiful beach

 Ally had a late night on Wednesday night with her friend Kelsey.  So Ally sleeps most of the way to Blue Horizon Bay.  We take the turn off from the N2
 Alan  explains the nature of this hike.  We will go in one big group and those wishing to cut short can turn at any time.
 This is Ally's first time to walk in this group.  Here she is with David and Carol.
 Over the dunes and down to the beach.  It is low tide so walking is reasonably easy on hard sand.
The beach we walked today is vast; natural and quite undisturbed by the impact of people.
 We walk for about an hour before arriving at the river mouth where we stop for a break and snack.

 Ally and I had a great walk and enjoyed a bit of one on one time as we chatted about a variety of subjects.
 Someone in the group found this seagull with a damaged wing.  We took the bird to the Sea rescue place at Cape Recife --- SANCCOB
At Sanccob the staff were quite responsive and caring as they put the bird in a box for transport to a vet who will decide on what should be done with the bird.

The whole walk took us around 2.5 hours.  Great exercise; wonderful company and conversation and to top it all we had perfect weather to walk these undisturbed beaches.

For this and other hiking trails around Port Elizabeth
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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Knysna Forest Marathon -- July 2018 -- with Peter Giddy Guided Tours

Knysna Forest Marathon -- July 2018 -- with Peter Giddy Guided Tours
Peter is a professional Tourist Guide.

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  • Garden Route Adventures
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  • Hiking and walking trails of Port Elizabeth
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Knysna Forest Marathon Saturday 7th July 2018

I signed up for this event a number of months ago.  I do not take part in the 42k Marathon as I prefer the shorter 21k half marathon as a completely doable distance. 

Friday morning Kevin and Viv pick me up and we drive through to Plettenberg Bay where we stop to look at the Hill House Flat which is presently undergoing renovations.
There is still a lot of cleaning up and finishing to be done before it becomes livable.
Kevin and Viv have registered ... Kevin will be sitting this one out as he has a foot injury.
 At Julian and Lesley.  Julian brings out this wonderful red wine while Lesley prepares a delicious soup.
 Julian sticks to the KWV white with his supper.
 Lesley makes a scrumptious Spaghetti and Savoury Mince.
My hosts on Friday evening.  Julian and Lesley who is the sister of Dawn's good friend, Brenda.
We then continue on to Knysna where we do the Race Registration.  As always this goes off smoothly.  The organisers are very fussy about who is allowed to register and you have to do this in person.   So if for any reason you have entered the event and are unable to take part, then you completely forfeit your entry, T-shirt and anything else you may have ordered as you are not there in person.

Once we have registered we drive to the Lagoon Lookout where we have a picnic lunch that Viv prepared for us -- Boiled Eggs; Buttered Baguette bread; spicy chicken and cucumber.
After lunch Kevin drops me at Lesley and Julian's home and they continue to their accommodation on Leisure Isle.

Lesley makes us a delicious dinner of Muscle; Butternut; leak and spices soup and then a Spaghetti bolognese washed down with some Red Wine.  We watch a bit of soccer and Tennis before I get into bed for an early night.
On the Taxi on the way to the start of the run -- near to the Diepwalle Forest Station.
I meet up with  Bennie Heyneke.  He remembers me from a Training run that we did at Seaview.  Bennie owns a Hardware Store in Seaview which he has built up into a good business with some healthy contracts with Builders.  He does all kinds of adventure and trail runs.
Julian is very kind and takes me to the place where you can take a taxi to the start at Diepwalle. The whole organisation is well coordinated and everyone is taken safely to the start area. But it is freezing as always.  This year, the sponsors have supplied us with good quality blankets. The 42k runners leave at 7am and I am able to take one of their discarded blankets.
I then take off my warm clothes, pack these into my tog bag and wrap myself up. With these big red blankets we are warm and I am able to make my way to the start line.  There is still almost an hour to the start so I sit myself down and try to relax.  But now my toes are freezing. Ah Well.  Nothing to do but sit and wait.
  The sponsors provide runners with Red Blankets... They are of good quality and keep us warm in a 4 degree morning while we wait for the start.
 We are relatively close to the start.  To the right is a vast sea of runners lining up to start the event.

I wrap myself up to try to stay warm.  It is my toes that feel the cold the most.
Eventually 8am arrives and we start off up the first few hills.  I discarded my warm blanket and so am now in my running vest only.  And my hands and face are taking strain in this cold.  It is not long before we reach the sunny area and I am able to thaw out.  Now I am glad that I did not carry any additional clothing.
So the run is on.  The first about 8km is basically up hill.  Various people pass me -- Lynne Woods representing Clarendon Park;  Samantha who we know from Erin at Summerstrand Lifesaving; Leigh from Tour de Addo; Darry Wicht and Darryl North who are running the 42 come past us.
At last some sunshine to warm us up. 
 Perhaps you can see the long line of runners along the tree line on the other side of the valley
 Looking across to the lagoon and the heads.  This is possible as the forest has been cut in many places
Entering the Simola Golf Estate. Still a number of hills to take into account.
This is a great trail and route.  We run on Gravel Roads from most of the time and then at 8km we turn down onto a narrow forest pathway where you need to be particularly careful to avoid tripping on the uneven and stony surface.
I am having fun.  In fact I am becoming quite emotional as I remember previous runs and people.  Graham Richards and Stuart Brown -  Kelly and Andrea;  Graham; Bob; Tremaine; Kenny and many others who have spent time with me on this trail.
I see all around me are runners who are clearly a lot younger.  Then there are the 40+ and the 50+ age groups.  And only a few 60+.  So again I feel a sense of privilege to be taking part in the Knysna Half Marathon.

So eventually we arrive at the Simola Golfing Estate.  From here at last we can say it is downhill.  But what a down.  Steep and tough to keep running.  My legs are tired and I struggle to keep running at any pace.  Alan Campbell greets me from the side of the road.
At the bottom of the hill we have about 4km to go.  So I decide now is the time for some determined running.  I pass Alf Zemkhe and then we are on the N2 heading West.  Gavin and Angela are on the opposite side of the road.  Under the N2 and now we are heading towards the festivities and the finish.  The final Km and I push as hard as I am able.  Running into the last 100m; Kevin greets me and I finish in 2.18.
I had hoped for about 2.15 so am quite satisfied as it is the run and not the finish that brings me to these events.
 Finishing the event in 2.18.  I am pretty much tired and a little nauseous.  A burger helps to settle me and I sit for a while just getting myself ready for the drive home.
 Kelsey;  Benjy and Jason at the finish.
 Viv finishes her first ever 21k
 Graham completed and qualified for Two Oceans 2019.  Tremaine, I hear later, did not make the 5 hour cut off.
Peter Pohlmann drives us home.  In the car are Ricardo and Michael Botha .
I see Kelsey; Benjy and Jason who have finished.  Sean Balshaw and his family are there.  I make my way to the Tog Bag tent and buy myself a Hamburger.  I then sit down to watch as runners and people pass us by.  Michael Mof Botha, a real loyal Achillean,  finds me and explains the arrangements for going back with Peter Pholmann.  He had an unfortunate fall in the forest and hit his head on the gravel. Cathy Ives also fell and had to retire from the race.  I meet up with Desmond Zibi who has won his age category.  Viv and Kevin find me.  Viv finished her first ever 21k in 2.33 which is a great time for this tough event..
Graham Channon finishes in time for a Two Oceans Qualifier.  I hear later that Tremain and Kenny did not make the 5 hour cut off. Graham Nel finished but also past the 5 hour mark.
I understand that something like 8500 for the half and about 800 for the 42 took part today.
I sit and sleep and relax in the sun and then eventually Michael calls me and we meet up with PP and head back home.  Stop at Storms River for a burger and Coffee.   I am a bit dehydrated and try to drink as much as I can.

I receive an SMS to give me my time and to invite me to next years event.

Graham who qualified for Two Oceans today. Peter who kindly gave me a lift home this afternoon; Kenny and Tremaine who finished outside of the 5 hour cut off required to qualify for Two Oceans 56k.  And Desmond who won his age group in the 21k
 Michael; Graham; Kenny; Tremaine and Graham Nel showing the shield he won for completing the 42km.
Kenny; Graham; Peter;  ,,,, ;Tremaine  and Desmond at the end of the Knysna Forest Marathon.
Cathy who had a nasty fall and had to bail with Anche who is getting stronger and stronger.

Some Results
The winner of the 21 is Lloyd Bosman in 1.06
Keegan Cooke is 8th in 1.13;  His brother Jarryd is 14th in 1.08.
13th is Desmond Zibi.  He finishes in 1.17
Philip Karp does a good 1.48
Camryn Riddle at 1.59
Anthony Adler at 1.59
Lynne Woods MPRG -- 2.01
Natalie and Lauren Billson at 2.06
Kelsey Vaughn and Jason Collier at 2.06
Stuart Allaway MPRG  2.06 and Maryka  2.13
Shannon Bradford  2.08
Samantha Mukheiber  2.09
Gavin and Angela Rogers  2.13
Benjy Nelson  2.14
Ricardo De Andrade who was in the car with us on the way home  2.17
I finished in 2.18 in Position 2052 and age position 29th of 169 Age Category.
Rachel Giddy  2.25
Malcolm and Riana Figg   2.25
Doris Gerber  2.25
Rusty and Karin Muller  2.26
Neil Calder   2.27
Robin Coyle Downing Achilles  2.29
Bennie Heyneke   2.32
Lesley Maggot Achilles 2.29 And Rodney  2.55
Viv Mitchell   2.33  Position 3112 of  5269 finishers and 316 of 683 Age Category.
Sandy Stock (Robin's wife) ran a 2.38.
Michael Botha  2.40
Trevor Hawkins  2.46
Brent and Hanna Werth  2.49
Janice Giddy  2.55
Jenna MPRG (Jannakamay) Jefferies and her monther Christina Eckstein  3.11
Octavia Boshoff  3.13
The last official finisher on the results finished in 4.40.
5269 finishers in the 21k

2873 or 55% are female runners.

The 42 kay has 726 finishers.  236 or 33% are Female.

6000 finishers compared to the number that the announcer said 8500 competitors.  That means that 2500 (30%) people did not pitch or did not finish.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

June 2018 Peter Giddy Guided Tours. Port Elizabeth. Addo Safari

June 2018 Peter Giddy Guided Tours.  Port Elizabeth.

Amazing Tours and Safaris

  • Addo Elephant Park
  • Kragga Kamma Wildlife Reserve
  • City, Cultural, Historical and Township Tours
  • Horse Riding -- Beach or Wildlife 
  • Hiking -- Beach or Forest
  • Garden Route Adventures
  • Transfers -- Hotel, Airport and Wildlife Reserves
  • Shore Excursions

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Barbara on Summerstrand Beach for the Saturday parkrun.
Hobie Beach parkrun on the Summerstrand Pollock Beaches.
Saturday afternoon I watch the U15 to First team vs St Andrews.  St Andrews win 3 of the five matches including the First Team.  This is mainly due to superior speed and ball handling in the St Andrews Camp.  Clever play and fewer unforced errors combined with fitness and backline speed, made St Andrews the better school overall.
Friday 1st June.  Swimming 1500m with Megan. And NMU Marking is how I spend most of the day.
Saturday 2nd June.  Run the Grassroof (Helpers) Parkrun with Adrienne and then the Hobie beach parkrun with Barbara.  Breakfast at Urban and then Rugby at Grey. And in America, Washington, South African Springboks are beaten by Wales 22-20.
Sunday.  Kragga Kamma with Larry and Martin.  Hunters who were in Alicedale same as Fredrik from last month.
Monday 4th.  Start the chilly morning with a 1500m swim with Megan.  I have an Addo with one guest -- Roberto from Brazil.
 Roberto and I have lunch at Jacks
 After lunch we decide to take Harveys Loop and are rewarded with -- Dungbeetles; A Jackal; a couple of families of Elephant.
 And a brotherhood of male Lions to top it all.
 Two magnificent animals in the late afternoon sun.
And then, without really expecting anything more after the Lions, we come across this herd of Buffalo on Vukani.  What a day it turned out to be!
Tuesday 5th.  Running in the morning and then getting through a list of activities for the day including my Combi Tyres and Headlights; Visiting my Tax consultant and Bank. And Ron comes over to visit
We are 28 walkers this morning.  17 men and 11 women. The total hike is about 9km.
The boy with the red scrum cap runs through the Clarendon boys with Daniel on the chase
Daniel pulls him down before he can score.
Wednesday -- Swimming at Newton Park Pool with Megan (1500m) and then fetch Robin for a Royalston Hiking trail.  Wednesday afternoon ... Daniel has a Rugby Match at Clarendon vs Grey.  Grey dominate the game; however Daniel is the star player with his tackling and running with the ball.
The Dune Section of the Sacramento Trail looking across towards Jeffreys Bay.
The Sacramento Trail looking across the Indian Ocean from the West side of Algoa Bay.
Tuna Salad with --- Baby Spinach; Feta; Chopped peppers, carrot, cucumber and tomato; Avocado; Mixed seeds; Sweet Corn and Tuna.  Sprinkle a little Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil.
Thursday -- Running with Chris; Elmarie; Viv; Stephany; Pat and Adrienne at the beach front.  Then hiking the Sacramento trail with the Thursday walking group.  This afternoon I make what I call an "Amazing Tuna Salad.
 Laura enjoys the close ups of Zebra
Picnic Lunch with Pedro; Jessica and Laura.  Today we were the only picnicers at Jacks.  And almost the only Guided Tour in Addo.
Friday 8th.  Swimming with Megan; Greg; Armand and Rob.  I have now swum 1500m six times in a row which is my best training record.  The others tend to power through the water while I simply plod on trying to make up time.
Addo Safari with Pedro and Jessica from Brazil. They work in an aircraft factory near to Sau Paulo and Laura from France who is writing a Thesis in Sustainable Tourism.
 Adriennes support Group -- Viv; Elmarie; Susan; Ronel; Pat and Chris.   Also at the run are Tammy; Bernt; Catherine; Ivor; Tina; Sally; Barbara Foot and many more of her parkrun friends
 Adrienne makes announcements at the start.  Balloons, Sash and Dunce cap to make it special.
Adrienne shares Coffee and Carrot Cake with the group.
At the Grassroof (Sardinia Bay) parkrun.
Saturday 9th.  Morning run with Chris; Anton; Stefany; Lindi.
We do the Parkrun at Grassroof --- It is Adrienne's 100th parkrun so she has run 500kms of parkrunning.
Sardinia Bay parkrun results for event #63. Your time was 00:38:56.
Congratulations on completing your 61st parkrun and your 7th at Sardinia Bay parkrun today. You finished in 115th place and were the 75th male out of a field of 279 parkrunners and you came 2nd in your age category VM65-69.
Kragga Kamma Rhino next to our vehicle
 Cheetah waiting in anticipation of Lunch being served
Yolanda and Joshua are from the Netherlands and are in South Africa for a three week adventure holiday.
A win for South Africa at Ellis Park creates a positive vibe for all South Africa after some dismal performances in recent international clashes.
Saturday 9th; afternoon -- Kragga Kamma Tour with Joshua and Yolanda from Netherlands.  He is taking on the position of HR in a company while Yolanda is doing On Line Marketing for a variety of companies.
This evening SA play England at Ellis Park.  A first in a number of ways.  Siya Kolisi -- a Grey boy -- is the first ever black man to achieve Springbok Captain and this is also the first time that 8 black men have been chosen in the starting line for a Springbok team. Well done to the coach, Rassie Erasmus, for taking this bold move.  The South Africans are behind in the first quarter 24 - 8 but move up with three tries before half time and then end the game with a win of 42-39.
John Nelson and Claire Breedske running up Cowies. John finished his first Comrades in 10.27.
Sunday 10th.  Comrades Day.  A good day for South Africa as we win the Mens and Ladies events.
Today the SA Sevens Team win the World Tournament when they beat England.
Monday.  Running 8km with Adrienne; Viv; Stephany; Gaye and Mitch.  While running I meet Eddie on his bike;  who was on the Wednesday walk.  Eddie is a cyclist.  Also run at the end with Kate. Afternoon swim at Newton Park Pool.  The pool is full of Ironmen training.  I find a lane and manage 2200m before I have to retire with cramps.
Township Tour with Margaret White.
 Cape Robin shares lunch with us.
Victor and Anna Marie are volunteering on a farm in East London.  They are here for a few days to do a bit of exploring.
Tuesday -- Running 8km with Chris; Steff; Adrienne; Neil; Jenna; Ronel and Kate at the end.
Addo with Anna Marie from Germany and Victor from France. This morning we see three Hyena.. A first for me to see a pack of three at once.
Wednesday.  This week is Megan's turn to fetch.  We swim 1500m.  In the pool is Rob; Armand; Greg; Chantalay and Abdul.
SAARP Group -- Monthly Social Meeting. 
Three men from Croatia who had signed off from their ship and decided to do a half day Addo Tour.
I give a presentation of our Portuguese Camino at the Legacy Church to SAARP Members.
And have an Addo Tour with three men from the ships. Later the second last Alpha of this season.  With Brian; Charles; Brian and Hermine; Frank and Joy.
Jordan and Alex are on a 9 month travelling holiday and spending two weeks in Shamwari from here and then to Australia where they will be working for 6 months.
Thursday.... Running 7km with Neil; Jenna; Chris; Ronel and Lindi.
Addo Tour with Jordan and Alex.  Unfortunately the afternoon west wind made the going heavy with huge dust storms .
Son of Hamas -- A biography of a man born and raised in Gaza and the West Bank. Raised as a Muslim -- the son of one of the founders of Hamas.  Easy and fast reading. Compelling and interesting reading.
Friday 15.  Swimming with Megan, Chantalay; Greg; Armand and Abdul.  1300m - 5km for the week is my best week ever I think. Spend most of the day reading Son of Hammas -- An interesting biography of a man who was the son of a founder of the Hamas in Gaza.
Octavia and Marilyn at the Beachfront Youth Day 10km
Jenna; Viv and Neil run a 17km training run from Hobie beach.
Saturday morning -- Youth Day.  10km from the beach front.  Not many Achilleans there.  Run with Herman; Hennie; Lizelle;  and Achilleans I see there are Robin; Lesley; Chrisitine; Alan; Bennie; Sizinzo;
151 541 1616 MARILYN BULL NEDBANK F 40 40-44F 0.52.51
203 204 1116 PETER GIDDY ACH M 67 65-69M 0.57.04
276 2449 705 OCTAVIA BOSHOFF CRUSADE F 48 45-49F 1.04.24

Saturday evening -- Springboks play 2nd test vs England at Bloemfontein.  Last week the Boks managed to pull a win out of a losing first few minutes.  So this week they did the same with England scoring 2 tries in the first ten minutes for a 12-0 lead.  The Boks went on to win the game 23-12 with some accurate kicking from Pollard the Flyhalf.  And that is despite the poor play by our Scrumhalf Faf Du Preez who frequently kicked away possession.  Everyone else in the team shone this afternoon. Beast Tendai Matariwa played his 100th game for the Bokke.
Sunday -- a Short Run and then shopping for tiles and bathroom stuff for our new bedrooom / bathroom that we are creating.
 Daniel is a part of the Clarendon Park Jungle Book show.  A well presented and entertaining presentation.
I have been making Crunchies and Rusks recently.
I have made two Soups -- Chicken Vegetable and Butternut.  Unfortunately the Butternut is not good as I forgot that we dont have a Blender.
Monday -- swimming with Megan 1500m.  Then Cycling 20k on the Yellow Lines with Andrea at Grassroof 20km.  Working on some Dole stuff for the first time in ages. Fetching Tiles from CTM.  Daniel Show at Clarendon. Cell Group with Claudine and Cronje.
Tuesday 19th.  Run 7km with Elmarie; Chris; Ronel; Viv; Jenna; Liesl; Stefany and Mitch.  Mike is in the Cayman Islands for the birth of his first grandchild. Neil took the morning off. Adrienne is off to Canada for a month.
At the start of the Sleepy Hollow Hiking trail with the Wednesday walkers.
Wednesday -- Swimming 1200m with Megan; Armand and Greg.
Hiking the Sleepy Hollow Trail near to Blue Horizon Bay.  This walk takes us just on 2.5 hours.
This evening I attend my final Alpha course and Ally flies home from Stellenbosch, for the holidays.
Thursday walking Group... 13 walkers this morning on the Destades Trail in Maitlands.
Thursday 21st.  I run 5k with Chris; Lindi; Neil; Stefany and Ronel.  This morning I have some Dole stuff and then meet the Thursday Hiking Group at Maitlands for the 9km Destades Trail.
Two Harlon Coben books that Barbara and I have read this month -- Long Lost and Promise me with Aimee Biel -- a name that is well known to South Africans. Harlan includes names of people in his fiction if requested to do so. He also asks for donations to his favourite charities.
Friday 22nd.  Building in the front rooms and bathroom continues.  We have no water in the house.
Having finished the books that I took from the Library, I try to return them. But the Municipal workers are on strike so the Walmer Library is closed.  But the irony is that the Car Guard who outside of the library is there to take care of the cars.
I then try to go for a swim but the pool is closed due to a Gala on this weekend. So I am not in luck.
I make a batch of rusks to keep myself busy.
 A cold and dark start to the Heartbreak Hill 21k from the Italian Club.
 Finishers -- Peter;  Liz;  Cathy;  Gail;  Thea;  Marilyn and two Achilleans.
 Ronel completed this tough event in 2.17 this morning.
Martie Jack.... An Achillean who continues to run well.
Finishing Heartbreak hill with Liz and Letitia.
Saturday 23rd.  The Heartbreak Hill 21k is as tough as always.  We run from the Italian Club in Charlo. Race starts at 6.30am and we immediately start the climb up Constance Road. And then up and over Buffelsfontein to the New Seaveiw Road.
It had been a chilly morning to start with so I had worn a long sleeve top. But I am already warming up and have to remove a layer.
I met Ronel; Letitia; Liz; Marilyn; Demond; Kobus; Herman at the start but we start in the dark and I immediately lose sight of people. Liz is very complementary to me this morning and I am tempted to stay with her.
I certainly do not want to go our hard as I know that the return journey needs gas in the tank.  As we approach the turn at half way we start seeing runner coming towards us ... Plenty of Achilleans running today. Nice when there is an out and back to be able to greet others as you run.

It seems such a long way to the turn but eventually we start heading back.
We now have the Westerly behind us but it is a steady climb for about 8 of the 10km back to the finish. Tom and I are in the same zone. Mike Webb and Heidi Jansen Yo Yo with me on the road.  I run with Kyle and Colleen for a while. Thea passes me.
I meet up with Liz P and we kind of encourage each other as we grind up Heartbreak and then the Mount Pleasant hills.  Liz is suffering with pain in her joints but braves all of that and runs non stop to the finish.
Well done to everyone who entered and who took part in this tough event.  Marilyn is looking at her best;  Letitia is a brave soul who simply loves running and Facebook; Ronel who planned under 2.20 and beat that by three minutes; Liz who was in agony over the final five km.  Let me say it again... "I love running and I love Runners even more".  Some of the results a field of 820 runners.
19 528 1127 BRADLEY MACKENZIE ACH M 46 45-49M 1.22.15 5
20 450 1133 MICHAEL BESTER ACH M 31 SM 1.22.16 4
23 409 1170 DESMOND ZIBI ACH M 54 50-54M 1.23.21 5
55 153 1083 HANSON SINGAPHI ACH M 40 40-44M 1.32.14 3
290 471 1616 MARILYN BULL NEDBANK F 40 40-44F 1.55.38 2
378 493 745 KATHLEEN FLANAGAN CRUSADE F 32 SF 2.03.54 1
494 318 5279 HEIDI JANSEN TEMP F 51 50-54F 2.13.09 0
495 506 5506 MIKE WEBB TEMP M 58 55-59M 2.13.10 0
496 534 1147 LIZ PRINS ACH F 48 45-49F 2.13.20 1
497 241 1528 LETITIA STRAUSS NEDBANK F 38 35-39F 2.13.21 1
498 400 1116 PETER GIDDY ACH M 67 65-69M 2.13.22 1
503 396 2779 HERMAN DEKKER SAPPE M 73 70+M 2.13.34 1
531 27 1571 DORIS GERBER NEDBANK F 47 45-49F 2.15.55 1
551 245 5344 RONEL SCHEEPERS PEAAC F 43 40-44F 2.17.15 1
556 3 1126 TOM D'ARCY ACH M 72 70+M 2.17.33 1
747 119 1686 CHERYL WITTE MADIBA F 56 55-59F 2.44.03 1
748 829 4829 SHANNON BRADFORD TEMP F 21 SF 2.44.10 0
761 522 1960 ERICA ERASMUS BLUEBAY F 48 45-49F 2.46.34 1
Adrienne leaves for Canada and stops over in London where she meets up with Danielle and Jenny.
We are doing renovations.  The bathroom will be retiled and a new shower and handbasin fitted.
Boston and Wayne arrange for a surprise party for Sonja at the Bridge Street Brewery.

 Here is Reno who I met cycling to Addo one year with his family Riette; Erin and Payton.
 Erma and Patrick == Long time friends of Boston
 Kate (Sephton) and Brendan North; I often see Kate on the run and so suggested to Boston that they may want to invite them as well.  Ken and Kim (Wayne's sister)
 Rachel and Kristen (Daughters of Janice and Brett) with Jean and Boston who did all the arrangements  --- Next month -- July -- Janice and Rachel will run the Knysna half Marathon.  Rachel will run  the distance in 2.25 hours; while her mother, Janice, will complete the 21kay in  2.55 hours.
 Lauren; Sherry with her friends Linda and Greg
 Annake (friend of Boston) is in the dark; Zintle and Belinda work with Sonja at St Johns Methodist Church with their friend.
In the red is a friend of Sonja, Lichelle with Sonja and Janice ; who runs the Knysna half next month in 2.55Hours with her daughter Rachel (2.25 Hours)  & Brett and Wayne.
Sonja and Wayne have a party for family and friends at the Bridge St Brewery.  We get there early to watch the Springboks play England in a rugby test match in Newlands. SA Won the first two in the series but lose this match  25-10 with England totally outplaying SA and some poor play from some of the SA Team.
Found a Caracal (Rooikat) on the Ngulube Loop in Addo today.
Sunday 24th.  Addo with five men who are contracted to Aspen, installing a Machine.  Igor; Ismail; Samuel; Norman and Gerhard all from Germany.
Monday 25.  Megan is not swimming so I go on my own and swim 2500m.  1.15H.  I think that this is probably my longest swim.
This evening Barbara; Ally and I go out for supper at Arkenstone Pizza Evening. Ally goes to movies with her friend.
Tuesday -- Running with Stef; Neil; Liesl; Ronel; Viv; Mitch and Sjani.
I meet Andrea at Grassroof for a cycle.  We have our standard route that is reasonably safe up to Boundary Road on the Yellow Lines and then back past Grassroof and down to the end of the Yellow Lines and back up again.... Today there is a chilly Easterly blowing so it is to our disadvantage on the way uphill.  We stop for coffee at Grassroof after the ride.

Wednesday 27th.  Finishing off of the Bathroom and Dressing Room renovations and also the Extended bedroom on the south west side of the house.
Swimming -- 2500m 1;15hours.   Cramping at the end.
Thursday 28th.  Short run.  A bit of a mix up as I started with Mitch and then decided to join Chris but that did not work out so ran back and did about 3km
A wonderful place for a reasonably doable hike.
Josh and Daniel loved the outing including walking under the N2 bridge.
Hiking with Joshua and Daniel on the van Stadens Flower reserve hiking trail with the Thursday walkers.
I finish off reading another Harlan Coben book.  David Richings -- son of Sheila from the Thursday hiking group -- gives me a couple of Daniel Silva books to read.
Ally goes off with Oriel for the weekend to Kirkwood to stay at their farm and to take part in the Kirkwood Wildfees.  I renew my swimming credits for the season to June 2019.