Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October 2018. Peter Giddy Guided Tours; Port Elizabeth Shore Excursions.

October 2018
Peter Giddy Guided Tours.

  • Adventures with Peter
  • Addo Elephant Park and Combo Tours 
  • Kragga Kamma Wildlife Reserve
  • Garden Route to Cape Town Adventures
  • Namaqualand Flower and Historical adventure.  (Seven Days)
  • Hiking with Peter and his Group. (a two to three hour social walk)
  • City; Historical and Cultural Tours
  • Cheetah Sanctuary with Lion; Leopards; Serval and Caracal.
  • Horse Riding for beginners and for experienced riders.
  • Two day Wildlife Extravaganza  -- Lions; Cheetah; Leopard; Elephant; Rhino; Hippo; Crocs; Zebra; Giraffe; Wildebeest; Antelope; Ostrich; Pumba and a variety of birds; vegetation and other wildlife. 
Oren and Aviv in Addo on Monday 1st October
Aviv spots this snake -- A Brown Boomslang;  As he searches for food; a Southern Boubou attacks him repeatedly until we hear no more from the bird (not sure if the bird was bitten?) and the snake disappears into the bush.

Pandanus.  Not closely related to Palm Trees. 
Pandanus seeds.  These are on the Promenade between Hobie and Summerstrand.

Monday 1st October
Start the morning with a Swim with Megan.  So good to be back in the pool.  The feel and sounds of the water I find relaxing despite the fact that I had to stop after each 100m to catch my breath.  I need to get back into swimming regularly.

Tuesday morning running 8k with the group.  Pick up Geart and Frouke Rullman from Summerstrand Inn.  They are from Netherlands.  He is a Physio for their national Tug o war teams (Tou Trek).  The World championship for Tug o War was held in Cape Town and he is having a bit of holiday.
These evening walks on the beautiful Plett Beaches were something Special to remember.
Wednesday 3rd.  It is raining.  I swim at the Newton Park Pool with Megan.  Pick up Antonia and her group of Fiorella; Luiciella; Roberto and Marilda from the Airport at 9am. 
We have a wonderful 5 days together on a Garden Route Tour.  Starting with Addo and then to Plett where we stay at the Castleton Flat.  We do all kinds of Activities over the next few days including Wild Cats; Elephants; Storms River and Suspension Bridges; Segways and lovely beach walks. A personal Highlight was making a traditional Braai for the group.
We continue on to Hermanus where we have amazing sightings of Whales before, on the 5th day, we leave for Cape Town for a bit of an emotional goodbye.
Sunday 7th I drive straight home.
A short but great afternoon with Sabrina; KP (Klaus- Peter; Klaus; Margot; Max and Patricia who set the whole thing up.
Monday 8th.  I have a group of 6 Germans who want a Addo experience and Night Drive. We have some wonderful close up sightings of Elephants and other animals before I leave them at the Main Camp for their Night Drive.
Tuesday -- Running with Chris; Mike and Claire joins us at the end.  Petrol Flap of the Combi; Roadworthy and University Marking.
Well over 100 members of SAARP gather for the monthly social meeting where I have already given a talk on our Spanish Camino and today had the opportunity to talk about the Flower Tour that we did in September 2018
Wednesday -- Swimming 1300m with Megan (1500m).  SAARP Flower Tour Presentation.
Thursday -- Running 8km with Adrienne; Lindi; Chris and Mike.  Stand in line at Greenacres PO for 2.5 hours to get the vehicle licences for the VW and the Qashqai.
Jessica at her Valedictory with the Head of Alexander Road High.
 Jess and Lene... An emotional day.
Lene and Barbara at the Alexander Road Valedictory.
Adrienne went to Tsitsikamma for a Trail run with Pat while Ronel did a long MTB event.
This tent and the stretcher has served me well.  We bought the tent in Seattle when we visited my cousin Chris and the stretchers with matresses when we went camping with Keith in the Kalagadi Transfrontier park.  The down sleeping bags we bought for Kilimanjaro in 2000. A tent pole snapped during a strong wind and it was only recently that I was able to make up a replacement.  It takes me just a few minutes to set up and I try to make myself as comfortable as possible.  With an electric cable I have light.  The only problem with this camp site was no wash area.  There are showers but not a convenient place to wash in the evening.

We have such a sense of privilege running through Meiringspoort.  The awesomeness of the canyon is breathtaking.
Friday 12th.  Swimming 1500m with Megan.  Barbara attends Jessica Valedictory at Alexander Road. I drive to Meiringspoort with Edie Dore where she meets her husband, Dave, in De Rust.  I set up camp and on Saturday morning I am up early for the Meiringspoort 21k.   Climb into Ostrich Lorries which take us to the start.  Cold wind and Overcast make for a chilly start but the sun soon comes out and we have a wonderful run.  People I meet over the weekend. Some are running others supporters .... Liza (Julian Nel's daughter); Kelly Holmes with family Brett, Daniel who is at school with our Joshua and Alex;  Ross and Andrea Dyer and their friends Tasha and Claire;  Stephany and Liesl with "husbands" Anton and Frank;  Mike is doing the 12k and his family Jenny, Debbie and Katherine with husbands;  Jo Anne and David;  Anton;  Carol Anne Cash and Linda Harwood; Andrew Jonas;  Katherine Morris Achilles;  Margie Nel and Richard Pearse are running the 12;  Tammy Ellis; I also meet up with Carel Bezuidenhout who John and I had met at Dryland Traverse many years ago.
After the event I drive home against a strong easterly wind.  Not an easy drive at all.

Nicky has a wedding at the same place where we had our Christmas Lunch in December 2017.
 Cathy is learning how to draw Three Dimension.
Jacqui is able to produce these amazing pieces of Artwork.

This weekend was also Ironman full world champs.  Anne Haug, who stayed with us in September, had another stunning race coming third in the Pro Competition while Michelle Enslin, a PE Girl, won her age group against the contenders from the rest of the world.
Cabbage Tree Emperor Moth.  Found in the house.
Monday 15th.  I receive a call for a Township Tour from Caitlyn at the Beach Hotel for Chris and Claudia from Belgium.  I think the Highlight was visiting the Henry Nginza School but they appreciated the whole tour.  After this I swim 2km at  Newton Park, sharing a lane with Marcus Burri.
Today is the start of a second round of house Renovations.  Painters in the En Suite bedroom and we give the go ahead to Rowan  and Riaan to refit the kitchen.
 We had good sightings of Lions with Zwaai and Norman near to the road in Waynes Valley.
A huge bull in Musth walks right next to the car
Tuesday 16th.  Running 7km with Chris; Susan and Adrienne.
Addo with Louis Pierre and Tulo from Montreal Canada.  They are here on Holiday staying in Sibelius Street.
Flo; Russell; Peter; Robin; Sheila; Di and Jenny Senekal at the start of the Fernkloof hiking trail.
Wednesday 17th.  An Outdoor Adventure -- Hiking in Groendal -- The Fernkloof.  We travel in my combi as there are just 8 of us on the trail today.  It is a four hour trail walk there and back.  Beautiful indigenous forests and spectacular rock faces are to be found.  You walk alongside and through the stream so be prepared for wet feet.
Meanwhile at home we have builders starting to fix up the en suite bedroom and to rebuild the kitchen.

 In the Prison Cells of the old Police Station in PE City
 Willie explains the graffiti in the cell.
 Today we are six tourists from Finland
 Some of the anguish of the people in the cells....The White Pigs will die.
 They will die suffering.
 Prisoners gave each other numbers as identifiers.
 Tenke was here for kak.
 Timbopa was here for HB.
 Prisoners had nick names. Jaws was here for Murder.

 A prisoner with the name... Mr never smile.
The group of six tourists in South Africa for just two weeks on a whirlwind tour of Cape Town to PE by bus. Stopping in the Wilderness and other Garden Route towns before arriving at the Garden Court hotel late in the evening.  Some of the group did a Township Tour today.  I was fortunate to have the group for a Mosaic Heritage Tour.  We visited the Prison and old Post Office; The Campanile; The Castle Hill Museum; The Donkin Reserve and Grey High School before moving over to Walmer Township for a brief Township Tour and then down to Schoenmakerskop and the Sacramento where we had a lunch of Hake and Chips.  We ended the day with a Marine Drive past the University and beaches of Port Elizabeth.
Thursday -- Running 8k with Chris; Lindi; Adrienne; Andrea; Carly (first time) and Kelly.
City Heritage Tour for Sarah Mosaic.
Today I went into the Old Prison Cells of the Main St Police Station.  It was here that Steve Biko and other political prisoners were held.  The old Post Office and Police Station belong to Ken Denton who is trying to get permission to renovate and make into operational boutique breweries and restaurants.  But it will take many years as there are all kinds of structures to be preserved.

Friday 19th.  Rowan and his team move in to demolish the kitchen.  I swim 2000m at Newton Park where I meet up with Steve Mc Donald.

Saturday morning.  Our group is split between early starters from Grey; 6 am at the beach and I decided to run the 10k from the Boardwalk at 7am.  I register at the start and then do some short warm up runs in the parking area.  For me these warm up runs are really necessary as I battle with breathing and muscle fatigue in the first few km of any event.
Our event starts from 2nd ave Summerstrand and then winds its way up towards Admiralty Way.  At the 3km mark there are water sachets lying on the side of the road but no one to hand them out.  So I pick up a couple and start handing out. Fortunately not for long as two men arrive to take over from me.  Right into Erasmus Drive (I now have to try to catch some of those who passed me when I was handing out the water.  Especially 70+ year old Liz Grundlingh). And then I have to stop to tie my shoelace.  And I am all thumbs so waste more time. We and continue across 2nd Ave all the way to Walmer Boulevard. And again I have to catch Liz.   Down Walmer Boulevard and right into Marine Drive to 2nd ave. I manage to pass Keith; Liz; Andrea and Kelly in the final km.  Back up 2nd Ave to the finish.
Graeme Chong is running well recently. 
 Roger; Percy and Christine   All three potential winners in their age category.  I later learn that both Percy and Christine win.  Roger and Bruce ran 45 while Christine finished in 44 minutes. Percy ran a great 48 minutes.
 Xolile.  A cheerful Achillean. He ran an excellent 35 minute 10k.
 Hannes; Angela; >>>> and Gavin who is really running well. Today he ran 46 minutes
Myself and Graeme at the start of the event. Graeme ran a great 49 minutes
Three MPRG ladies -- Kelly; Joanne and Andrea.  All three ran Meiringpoort two weeks ago and all three had a solid run this morning.  Kelly finished in 57.  Joanne 53 and Andrea also 57
As I run down La Roche drive I pass Keith Harris who finished in 57 minutes..  This man is an Ironman and a Nippers Dad who I have known for many years. 
Anche and Bruce -- start of the 10k from the Boardwalk this morning  Anche finished in
I was quite happy with my time of 57 minutes this morning.  The course had a bit of hills although relatively easy hills.  We started in a cool breeze but as soon as the clouds cleared it became really hot.
 This is where our two cupboards used to be
 The sink will be next to go
 Shortly after this we moved the table and fridge to the lounge and the washing machine to the bathroom
 This pile of rubble was moved out of the kitchen on Saturday afternoon
 The back stoep was a load of discarded cupboards
 This mess of cupboards will be next to go.  Once they had been taken out we could see the poor condition of the tops and in fact all the fittings.
The windows and floors will be next to be removed.
After the run I see that one of my tyres is half flat so I drive to SupaQuick who put the car on the ramp to check it. Meanwhile I walk to the pool and am allowed a half hour swim before the pool closes for a Biathlon.  So I manage to fit in a 1000m swim before walking back to the car which had a nail in the tyre.  The swim is exactly what I needed after the run.  Cool and refreshing.
This evening we braai.  Having no oven nor hob this is our only option other than take away suppers.

 Nicky with John and Werner braaiing in Cape Town
 Lene is braaiing as well
We have to braai as our only option for a cooked meal at home. Barbara manages to scratch together a salad.

Sunday 21st.  Nicky has a party for Chris' 16th birthday.
 Chris with his friends on his 16th birthday
 They had over 20 people for a Braai Lunch
 And the pool was the best place to be
 South African Expert Braaiers at work
 At home we now have no windows nor doors.
\The house is a total mess.  Barbara does her best to clean up where possible.

Let the King of my heart be the mountain where I run+
The fountain I drink from\
Oh he is my song
Let the king of my heart be the shadow where I hide
The ransom for my life
Oh he is my song

Let the king of my heart be the wind in my sails
The anchor in the waves
Oh he is my song
Let the king of my heart be the fire inside my veins
The echo of my days
Oh he is my song\

you are good  oh oh
You are never gonna let me down

This evening I go to Church and meet up with Almarie.  She tells me of their plans to go to Comrades 2019 to support Claire on her 10th.
Maeda; Gavi and Sebastian are from Chile; John Wotherspoon is from Australia and Frauke and Thomas are German.
Frauke & Thomas;  Gavie; John;  Sebastian and Maeda
Monday 22nd.
Addo for Thomas and Frauke Germany ;   John Witherspoon -- Australia; Maeda; Gavie and Sebastian from Chile.  A successful day with special sightings really up close.  This evening is our Monday Cell Group.  Try as I may I am not successful in staying awake.  Cronje has bought himself a Smart TV Connection.

John and I did a City Tour.  Here we are on the Donkin Lighthouse.
Tuesday 23rd.   I start the morning with a run with Chris and Adrienne.  Kelly; Joanne; Andrea; Cindy and Carly meet up with us later.  I swim 2000m a bit later then have a City Tour with John Wotherspoon.
 elephants at Spekboom in Addo
 Ali watches the Elephants as they interact.  Sleeping and drinking at Spekboom
Spijo / Simpiwe Tour guide for African Addo Experience.
Harveys South.. The purple flower is known as a  Mock Vervain.  Or Rose Mock Vervain.  Verbena Family
Mock Vervain found on the sides of the road at Harveys South.
Wednesday 24th.   I try to run in the morning but am just too sore.  So walk home. Al1 from Summerseas for Addo.
Thursday morning.  Hiking with the Thursday hiking group at Kini Bay.  Resting at halfway with a small snack before turning around and collecting rubbish as we walk back to the cars.  About 2.5 hours on a hot steamy morning of soft sand beach walking was quite tiring.
The kitchen remains a mess as they open the windows for the new fittings.
Blake has his 6th Birthday party in Aukland New Zealand as a snow sliding party.
The running, swimming and hiking has hurt my knee.  On Saturday morning Michael suggests that it could be Iliotibial Joint which connects the knee to the lower part of your leg and muscles.  So rest is about what I now have ahead of me.  I also order some anti inflamatories.
Lene and Family, Daniel; Joshua and Jessica do the Big Walk For Cancer on Saturday morning
Barbara hands over one of her horses to this young girl.

Open the eyes of my heart Lord
Open the eyes of me heart
I want to see you, I want to see you

To see you high and lifted up
shining in the light of your glory
pour out your power and love
as we sing holy, holy, holy.
 I took this pic of Hapoor area on 25th September after rains
 A month later.  The same area at Hapoor in Addo.  Without regular rains the fields deteriorate rapidy.
 On the Addo Safari on Monday 29th with Annie and Patrick who are French speaking Belgiums staying at Ocean Bay.  They have been to SA a number of times and visited Addo a couple of times before.  Annie is a Physics teacher and Patrick is a |Metalurgist.  They have just a week of holiday.  Audrey is French. She works in a Bank dealing with corporate customers and is on a Sabbatical for 6 months and will return to the bank after her holiday. This is her first time to travel alone and her first time to SA.
In Addo today it became increasingly hot until, at Main Camp, it was 48 degrees.  From there, as we travelled towards the coast again, it became cooler until the temp was 21 degrees as we arrived in PE.
Zebra are the most Photogenic of the animals in Addo.
Monday 29th.   No running due to ITB -- probably the best cure is rest.
Addo with Robert and Annie from Antwerp; Belgium / from Ocean Bay as well as Audrey from Lungile

Spilostethus Pandurus Elegans.  Seed bugs.
 Lunch at Jacks with Gill and Robert.
 Schotia with Gill and Robert and two other couples.
 Avoca Mud Hut where I stay for the night.
Sundays river on Wednesday morning.
 On Tuesday 30th we had such strong winds that an entire Crane was blown over at the PE Harbour.

Finding Avoca at 10pm on Tuesday was not that easy
 Daniel Cheetah Project was our first stop on Wednesday
 At the Daniel Cheetah we are able to get up close and to interact with the Cheetah
 At the Daniel Cheetah we are able to get up close and to interact with the Cheetah
 Emma and Gill with Nikita.
 We are all fascinated by this wonderful animal.  Gill. Robert. Marinus and Emma.
 At Kragga Kamma Entrance..
Robert and Gill overnight at the Nyala Cabin which overlooks the valley and the Cheetah enclosure.
 A comfortable cottage in Kragga Kamma.
Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31st
I pick up Robert and Gill from Peter.  We go out to Addo and almost immediately we find two male lions near to the road.  The day is VERY windy but we continue and see some great sightings of a variety of animals.  Then we continue to Schotia where Charl is our Ranger.  He takes good care of us giving us all kinds of information and making the evening totally worthwhile and interesting.
After the Schotia Supper we drive to Avoca where we spend the night.
Wednesday we start the day after a breakfast --- Our first stop is Daniel Cheetah where Marinus is our Guide.  Emma is doing an internship.
After the Cheetahs we drive to Kragga Kamma where Robert and Gill will spend the night.  We book in and find the chalet. Very cosy.  The game drive through Kragga Kamma shows how quickly they have picked up and remembered names of antelope.
After a late lunch Peter Joseph meets us there with their car and we part ways.

The past two days have been a Wildlife Extravaganza

  • Addo for Elephants and an authentic wildlife experience
  • Schotia for an interesting afternoon and evening where we learn about the Lions and other animals such as Hippo; Croc; Rhino; Giraffe and many others
  • Daniel Cheetah Project where the main focus is on renewal of the Cheetah bloodlines
  • Kragga Kamma where we are able to spend time and the evening with wildlife all around us. 

This two day Guided Safari currently retails at R11 800 for two people.  This is fully inclusive of the Various Safaris; entrance fees to the four reserves; 4 x Meals, beverages and two nights accommodation.  There are no hidden costs.
Excluded -- souvenirs; Alcoholic beverages; Gratuities and dinner on the last night.

For more information or to book the tour contact Peter Giddy Guided Tours